Tuesday, June 23, 2015

THESE are the days!

Every phase that my kids have gone through since they were born, with the exception of the "attached to my hip 24/7 phase", has been so much fun!
I try to enjoy every single moment as it comes and I try to keep it ALL in perspective, even during "the worst of times", because I always know that just around the corner will be "the best of times".
This past weekend was one of those. We took a last minute Father's Day trip to Ross Bridge, our favorite weekend getaway spot. It was one of those weekend that I just really enjoyed being with my family.
As we were at the swimming pool on Friday, the thought occurred to me that THESE are my most favorite times. THIS is my favorite "phase" of life that my kids have been in so far. Their current ages/stages are so much fun.
What I love the most is that they are still young. They still technically need me for a lot of things. So, I still get to perform the job I love the most, which is being their mom. They still love to do things like jump 452 times off the side of the pool! Yet, I don't necessarily have to be IN the pool with them during all 452 jumps! I can actually sit on the side of the pool or sit in my chair and just keep my eyes on them. That's why I think that this is my favorite stage of life. I am getting to experience the best of both worlds.
This was the first time that Dennis and I were able to sit by the pool while they swam at night, without one of us having to be in the pool with them. It was a wonderful weekend that we got to spend as #TeamPhillips!

We also got to celebrate this amazing dude in the pics above. He deserves to be celebrated. He is the opposite of a "sideline dad". He is quite the contrary. He is involved in every aspect of their lives and he is the reason we celebrated on Sunday. If every dad was like him, kids these days wouldn't have the issues that they do! He is simply amazing and despite the fact that he didn't grow up with a perfect father to model after, he has broken the mold and blows my mind with the kind of dad that he is. Sadie and Sawyer are so lucky to have him! He does everything for them and works so hard to make sure that they are well taken care of. He never ceases to amaze me and I am so thankful for him!!!!

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