Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Dream Home!

We are finally moved! We are settled! We are giddy with excitement! This move was QUICK! We've never moved all of our stuff in ONE day. ONE day! We got up early on Thursday morning and we were 100% completely moved into our new home by about 1:00 the next morning. So, I guess technically speaking, we moved in one day and 1 hour. What a LONG, LONG day. I almost had a major breakdown when I left my "old" house for the last time. Almost. Except that I was too tired. Thankfully, I was too tired because it could've gotten ugly. It wasn't the fact that I was leaving our old home for a new home. It was the memories that we made in that home. Both of our kids took their first steps in that home. My sweet baby boy came home from the hospital in that home. We've made some of the greatest memories of my life in that home. I walked into Sawyer's room at one point and I smelled "his smell". All of you mom's out there know exactly what I'm talking about. It's that delicious smell that only your kids have. It's a familiar smell. That smell you LOVE and just want to taste sometimes. That smell was what about caused my breakdown. I had to just leave the room and move on. His sweet little smell will move with us.
We love our "new" house, which is definitely not "new". It's OLD. I actually think it might be older than me. But, it's exactly what we wanted. I told Dennis last night that although I know it sounds a bit corny, I feel like I'm living in my dream home. This house reminds me a lot of my own that I grew up in. It's got the big porch, big trees, big yard, etc. But the house itself is nothing big. It's precious and we love it, but it's not the house itself that makes the home. I knew it was home when I saw the kids toys sprawled out all over the floor and there were sticky spots on the kitchen floor from spilled juice and I could hear the laughter of them playing up in the play room. It's home. It's our new home and I absolutely cannot wait to make lots of memories here. And, it doesn't hurt that we can be much more financially stable in this home too!!!! :)
We had so much help while we were moving. Grammy and Captain kept the kids for us for a few days so that we could get moved in. My mom came over and "helped" which mainly meant sharing lots of meaningful conversations, keeping me fed, laughing and maybe unpacking a box or two....oh, and she helped me clean my old house after the movers got out. I love you mom!!!! We had FUN!
My dad was with us for about 48 hours straight! He helped move TONS of loads of stuff from one house to the other. He built storage shelves for me in the garage. He hooked up my washer and dryer, and so on and so on and so on! We couldn't have done it without him. He was Dennis' right hand man all day on moving day and he didn't leave us until late Thursday night and he STILL had a huge smile on his face. He came right back over on Friday EARLY morning and he stayed all day again to help me while Dennis had to work. Oh yeah, AND he cooked all day on Saturday and brought us dinner too. Wow. Machine.
The kids love the new house. Sadie squealed with excitement when she saw her room. Sawyer is so proud of his. They love having a playroom with ALL of their toys. God picked this house out for us a long time ago. He knew the desires of our hearts and he satisfied every stinkin' one. WAIT ON THE LORD! He never ceases to amaze me! Thank you God for picking this house out for us. We love it!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Long Time, No See...

It's been a very busy past 2 months! Sadie absolutely loves school! She loves it 10 times more than I ever thought she would. She has learned so much over these past 2 months. I am amazed at how quickly she has learned certain things. I am extremely impressed with the teachers and the preschool that she is attending. I am very thankful that God led us there. I can't wait for Sawyer to start next year. He is going to love it. He already runs into Sadie's classroom every day and wants to be a part of it so I know he will fit right in and love every minute of it!
We recently got back from the best vacation EVER! We never thought anything could ever top last year's Hilton Head trip, but this year's DID! God blessed us so much with wonderful weather every day again this year. The kids were so awesome. They were both so much more independent this year. Dennis and I actually got to relax quite a bit and it was wonderful. We made so many memories and shared so many special moments. I literally already can't wait to go back next year. Sadie also gave up "Big Orange" on this trip which was a huge milestone! Praise the Lord for that one!!!
We also recently sold our house and bought a new one all in the past month. Thankfully, we sold our house in about 3 months, which was much sooner that I had ever anticipated. What a blessing!!! Then, we stumbled upon the exact house that we've been searching for! We wanted an older, one-level home with a bonus room and we found just that! We move next week and we are super excited to have a smaller space. We never built this house that we are in now with the intentions of wanting a huge house. We built it with the intention to sell it and make enough money to pay cash for something and be debt free! Obviously, our plans fell through when the economy when PLOP!!!! So, we had to sit down a few months ago and see what was best for us and that's when God laid it on both of our hearts to downsize BIGTIME! Our church has recently gone through the Crazy Love Campaign and we both felt led to try and get rid of our big house, which comes with BIG bills and get into something more comfortable so that we have the opportunity to help others more. We are excited to see what God has in store for us next. I truly feel that God is about to do something big in our little family. He keeps dangling things here and there in front of our face to show us clearly that He is at work in our family and He definitely hasn't forgotten about us!!! So many times over the past few months, I ask Him..."God, what do you want us to do about this (or that)"...He just keeps saying to me "Baby girl, I'm right here and if you let me, I will lead you down the right path. Just keep your focus on Me and I will take care of the rest". So, that's what I'm trying to do on a daily basis!
So, that should catch everyone up to what has been going on in the Phillips household.
Sadie is just precious. She is growing up so fast into an amazing young lady. She is super protective of Sawyer, but loves to pick on him too!!!! She has started to have a huge opinion on what she wears and it drives me crazy. So, I try to give her choices of what she can wear each day. I never thought she would care what she wore at 3 years old. She also has started to have real "fears". She wants her door cracked when she goes to bed and she wants the light on in the laundry room so that there's some light in her room. I never want her to be scared of anything, but she's definitely become somewhat of a scaredy cat. It breaks my heart. She's still just like me in the fact that she's super shy around people when she first meets them. She is full of love and energy and she has a huge heart and I love her more than life itself.
Sawyer...oh, Sawyer. My little man. Full of more energy than any boy I've ever seen. We've started to nickname him "Taz" because he reminds us a bit of the Tazmanian Devil!!!! ha ha He still loves his momma more than anything and would be perfectly content if I sat and held him all day long. He is so precious. His goofy little smile and big brown eyes absolutely melt my heart. He's super smart and talks really well for his age. He absolutely adores the ground that Sadie walks on. He wants to do every single thing she does. He is definitely her little shadow. They are so much alike, yet so different. I'm so thankful for their closeness in age because they seem to really like a lot of the same things. Sadie has taught him everything she has learned in school. He's just edible. I love that little guy.
That's about all for now. Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to document what's been going on for the past few months. I had planned on posting a bunch of pictures, but I'm having computer issues, so I'll have to come back and do it later on.